April 15, 2019

By Chase Duffy

Today is Monday April 15th, 2019. My last computer was stolen on Wednesday April 3rd, 2019. My landlord disconnected power at the shed on Monday April 8th, 2019. I refuse to let any of this discourage or define my life path and residency in DC. I resolved back in September not to leave the District of Columbia without my degree. In April, my resolve and mission are as strong and thriving as ever. They can steal my laptop, wallet, phone, the clothes off my back, they can disconnect my power and take away my access to water, they can even evict me within a short span of time. But they cannot break or contain me. I will not be downtrodden or crushed by the vicious cycle of life that I am in. I will rise up, meet the occasion of adversity with courage, and prevail over the bullshit that has been thrown in my path. I am Chase Duffy, the son of Patrick and Veronica Duffy. They raised a Goddamn fighter, and I am here to stay. Fuck the bullshit, fuck the power, fuck everything except what will help me continue and advance in this goal. I have lost a great many battles, but I refuse to surrender.



Shut off and forgotten

How could you do this 

To another human being?

Still I remain blessed

Calling on strength needed often

Try to avoid the abyss

And push through to my Queen.

But I push through for me;

Till then, my greatness remains unseen

A lump of coal

Creating his own diamond sheen

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