Technological Warfare (Mock Epic)

By Chase Duffy

Attention and honor, both battled for

As man’s sweet ways are lost in bloodless war.

Gorgeous people and malignant machines

Wage their small war every day, unseen.

And yet, for these men I still do grieve

Like God did the Fall of Adam and Eve

Or fleet-footed Achilles did his heel

When that fated arrow’s hard tip of steel

Pierced through and brought him to his knees.

Virgil, Milton, Homer I aim to please

And every bard and poet of mankind

With this amazing tale of fate by design.

Those malignant machines forged in white fires

Taken from Hades, sold to keen buyers.

Grace and kindness from fair Calliope

A muse so wise, eloquence bestow me

as I compose this epic tale and sing

Of the pitfalls such a small thing can bring.

Start I will with our tales’ lovely young maid

Whose beauty was unmatched, edges ever laid.

Her figure was like marble chiseled by

The deft hands of Rodin or Brancusi.

Her soft skin, ever-shining in the sun

Was aphrodisiac to anyone.

And her dazzlingly-dominant eyes

Lovely, soft, demanding respect yet wise.

These eyes held the power of fire and ice

Crafted by Allah before birth and life

He placed in her head these mighty brown orbs

To shiver men’s souls when in her gaze they’re absorbed.

Nunc, the dazzlingly-dominant eyes

Flitted from malignant machine to guise.

A guise of heeding and comprehension

One that hides a gross lack of attention.

Arenas of people, all shouting at

Once. Entertainment in any format.

Here, the unseen war wages on longer

Though, our lovely Heroine is stronger.

Abandoning arenas, she returns

To wealths of Knowledge before class adjourns.

Twenty, maybe thirty minutes remained.

In this time, with malignant machine tamed

She turned her attention to note-taking

She drank in the knowledge, brain awaking.

The lecturer ranted and roared, spewing fire

Facts were kindling, and class was his pyre

Through all this, her pen spewed flames on her page

Saving the embers, capturing their rage.

And those eyes, so powerful and so strong

Now split between board and paper, along

The same line of vision once split between

Lecturer and her malignant machine.

Though, soon enough the teacher’s fire ran out

Everyone packed up and went about

Their daily lives and drab, boring routines.

Our divine maiden strode out like a queen

And yet, not twenty paces from the scene

She went to check her malignant machine.

Not all things it brings are negative though

Messages from her love made a smile grow

And spread ‘cross her cheeks, illuminating

Her face, causing a light, bright and blazing.

So bright that commoners briefly lost sight

That returned to them once she took her flight.

Onward she went to her lover, soon wife

As she glides on clouds, no hint of strife.

And yet, Hades’ fire still burning inside

The malignant machine, begins to rise.

Now, a crow flew in a perfect nosedive

Breaking its beak, neck, no chance ‘twas alive.

Not but five feet from her lovely figure

She stopped and thought on this grisly picture.

Did shake our fair and lovely heroine

But ‘twas not ‘nough to keep her from machine.

An arena she went to, yelling ‘bout

The odd thing she saw, almost out of doubt.

All of a sudden, from this arena

She’s snatched, finding herself ‘mongst hyenas.

In this lair, the pit of hell beneath

Crossing the styx, a witness to demons.

Pain, death, narcotics and other vices

Danced across the screen, all naming prices.

Seeing harlotry, drugs and heads removed

The worst of technological abuse

Our heroine, shocked quickly abandoned

Through ivory gate, horn gate long cancelled.

For everything down here had long been false

Nothing true enough, all riddled with faults.

Back from the land of the dead and depraved

Her ecstatic mood was markedly caved.

But restored upon sight of her lover

None other could have helped her recover

So drastically quick from sudden horror

Seeing her was the utmost restorer.

And yet, while technically in the same space

Our heroine’s love had like guise on face

To the one our beautiful heroine

Had worn at her class’ early beginning.

Her dazzlingly-dominant eyes flared

And with her long gaze, her lover she dared

To break looks, turn to malignant machine.

Her lover held, then twitched away it seemed

Before truly fixing her eyes back on

Our heroine’s mighty look full of brawn.

This battle of attention ‘tween the two

Has fated value, for me and for you.

And of course for our heroine, her lover

Too. For we are doomed to truly suffer

If we can’t give our loved one’s attention

Then Heaven will be out of contention.

But her dazzlingly-dominant eyes

Do not allow that option to arise.

She wins over her lover and her soul

Not bending to the Apple or fool’s gold

Now, war-weary and tired from travel

Our fine heroine starts to unravel.

Falling into her lover’s outstretched arms

She picks up her cell phone and turns it off.

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